5-5.5 Classic Freshwater Pearl Bracelet

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    5-5.5 Classic Freshwater Pearl Bracelet

    For more than 30 years Jersey Pearl has been devoted to creating beautiful pearl jewellery. Out of this love of pearls they have established the Crown standard, bestowed upon the finest pearls that we have handpicked from each season’s harvest. 

    The simplicity of this classic design compels the quality of its elements to shine.

    Only the best for Jersey Pearl jewellery, they only use pearls that have ‘excellent lustre’. Lustre is the shininess of a pearl and ‘excellent’ is the highest level of lustre attainable on the GIA’s pearl grading system.

    These 5-5.5mm pearls create a look of understated elegance. Smaller pearls shine just as brightly as bigger ones, but they don’t take as long to grow which makes them more affordable

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