Bailey of Sheffield Rainbow PVD Blue Glow Bead

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    'Glow’ is our most technologically advanced bead so far and incorporates 3 trigalight® Gaseous Tritium Light Source (GTLS) which provides a reliable, safe and self-powered source of continuous light output. 
    No battery or charging by ambient light is required during the lifetime of this product. 
    GTLS comprise a sealed borosilicate glass capsule which contains a tiny amount of gaseous tritium, the power supply for the device. 
    Electrons, released by the gaseous tritium, are harnessed to energise a phosphor coating on the inside surface of the capsule, causing it to glow.
    GTLS contain no moving parts and, because the unit is continuously energised, an off/on switch is not required. 
    Glow will remain energised for more than 10 maintenance-free years, even during extended periods of complete darkness. 
    Trigalight® devices can be used in any environmental conditions, even under water, and in temperatures ranging from -20º to 70ºC.
    • PRODUCT SIZE = 15mm x 10mm
    • Highest quality Marine Grade 316L stainless steel.
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Machined on the latest multi axis sliding head CNC lathe in Sheffield
    • Hand finished in the Bailey of Sheffield workshop at Portland Works
    • This is a self illuminating safety device
    • Do not use for any other purpose
    • 3 x Sealed (non-emissive) GTLS Trigalight® continuous light source
    • No battery or electric power required
    • No switch... it is always on!
    • Reliable 10+ year life
    • Water resistant
    • Do not disassemble
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