We want you to be happy with the jewellery you have and enjoy wearing it.

But there are times we know when that item you've had a while or some jewellery that you have inherited, needs to be changed into items you would be happy and proud to wear.

That is why here at Ainsworth Jewellers we offer a bespoke design service to help you transform existing pieces of jewellery into something you would be happy and proud to wear, or we can start from scratch making that very special piece for that special occasion.

Would you like to commission a unique, bespoke piece of jewellery? Perhaps you want to propose with a ring romantically designed by you, or you want to treat yourself to a stylish and personal piece of jewellery that you know you will never see anyone else wearing?

Our bespoke jewellery design service provides you with the opportunity to be involved in every step of the creation of a one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery that is designed and crafted to your very own personal requirements.

The journey usually begins with an initial in-depth consultation where you can discuss your initial inspiration and design ideas with the designer.

Once we have established an initial design direction and proposed budget, we will set to work, sketching out a series of designs that reflect your ideas and are unique to you. We can also use CAD design software to bring your jewellery designs to life on a screen.

We will meet during the process and work together to refine your final design, decide upon gemstones etc., before your personal creation is handmade exactly to your specifications.

Every piece is hand set and finished to the highest standards at our suppliers in Birmingham’s historic Jewellery Quarter.

Bespoke Design

Please make an appointment on 01254 59367 or call in where we will be able to discuss your needs or design options further.

Recent Bespoke Design

Mr D & ‘Chewie’
Mr D & ‘Chewie’

Mr D & ‘Chewie’

In March 2020 Mr D lost Chewie who had been his companion for 13 years. Chewie (named after the Star Wars character Chewbacca) was a rescue dog and as well as time in Cheshire, spent 10 years in northern Italy and enjoyed accompanying Mr D on the morning stroll down to the village for an un Cafee (Expresso) in their favourite coffee shop. Chewie became well known in the village and would often spend an afternoon meandering around the streets unaccompanied.  When Chewie died hMr D commissioned us to create a 9ct Yellow Gold Signet ring with a laser engraved image of his companion on the face.

Mr C & His Mum

When Mr C was diagnosed with kidney disease a search was conducted to try to find a compatible replacement kidney. Having searched the system to no avail his Mum decided to take the test to determine whether she was compatible. Having proved to be a successful match the operation took place in late 2020. To thank his Mum, Mr C  came in to enquire if any of our suppliers did a kidney shaped locket?. With no luck finding anything to match his requirements we commissioned our supplier to design and make a locket which would contain a picture and special engraving on the reverse. The result is a stunning handmade designed piece of jewellery.

Mr C & His Mum
Mr C & His Mum
Bespoke Wedding Ring
Bespoke Wedding Ring

Mr B & his Signet Ring

In June 2001 as we re-opened following the first lockdown, we had a visit from Mr B who had sadly lost his wife to Covid earlier in the year. He asked us about creating a piece of jewellery that he could wear that would help keep precious memories. We chatted through various options he decided on a Signet Ring, and thoughts turned to what could be put on the face. We enjoyed listening to Mr B and the memories of how he first met his wife and the times that they spent enjoying their favourite pastime of dancing together He mentioned his wedding day, so what more fitting tribute was decided on than to laser engrave a picture of the Bride and Groom to the front from one of his favourite pictures.

Mr and Mrs W and Landmark Birthday Gifts

All Birthday’s make for a special occasion, but 18th and 21st Birthdays are major landmarks in anybody’s life and Mr and Mrs W first approached us to help them mark their Son’s 18th Birthday with the purchase of a Signet Ring. Having spent some time talking through various possibilities they mentioned adding a family crest to the head of the ring rather that the usual initials.. so after consulting our suppliers we managed to Laser engrave the Wallace Crest onto the item in stunning detail. So pleased were not only the parents but also the recipient that 3 years later were given the task of adding the same logo to a pair of cufflinks to create a stunning and memorable set of jewellery. Marking 2 special days. “Happy Birthday’s !!”

Wallace Family Crest