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  1. October 23, 2021

    Wendy's Legacy with East Lancashire Hospice

    By East Lancashire Hospice:

    Phil Ainsworth and his wife Helen Dimmick of Ainsworth Jewellers, Blackburn have chosen to support East Lancashire Hospice through a new incentive that will allow jewellery left behind by loved ones to be treasured forever.

    The local jewellers, who have a wealth of experience within the industry, will help people remodel jewellery, resize rings and even create bespoke items through ‘Wendy’s Legacy’ with a 15% profit contribution being made to East Lancashire Hospice for all work or purchases made in memory of a loved one.

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  2. March 05, 2021

    Chelsea Rocks

    Ainsworth Jewellers are delighted to be working along side Joanna on this new range of Laboratory Grown Diamond Jewellery.

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  3. January 20, 2021

    The Artemisia Collection

    The Artemisia Collection is a collection of jewellery inspired by the work of the celebrated painter Artemisia Gentileschi. This collection is a collaboration between PureJewels and the National Gallery. It reflects the drama, energy and realism in baroque art.

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  4. January 13, 2021

    Created in the UK

    Ainsworth Jewellers are delighted to announce they have now joined with the National Association of Jewellers to promote UK products. 

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  5. December 17, 2020

    Welcome Bailey of Sheffield

    We here at Ainsworth Jewellers are delighted to welcome Bailey Of Sheffield to our range of Brands in-store.

    Bailey of Sheffield creates stainless steel jewellery engineered to last more than a lifetime.

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  6. December 02, 2020

    December 2020 Re-opening Statement

    We are delighted to announce that in line with Government Guidlines we can now re-open our doors to customers.

    To make it easier to shop for Christmas we have extended our opening hours from 9.30 - 4.30 and we will also be open Thursday's in December.

    During lockdown we invested in and re-modelled our Website so as to make it easier to use but also updated any relevant information, it also gives you the opportunity to Book an Appointment. 

    and as a thank you to all our customers we have 2 promotions running during December.

    1. To celebrate 150 years in Blackburn we are offering 15% Discount if you show the Voucher which is within our 150 year  booklet. If you have forgotten or misplaced it just quote Ainsworth150 and we will honour the deal.

    2. We are also running a promotion on Earrings where we are offering 20% off all Gemset Earrings throughout December (cannot be used with the 150yr promotion). 

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  7. November 30, 2020

    Festive Earring offer

    Since we have all spent most of our time on Zoom, Facetime and in virtual meetings or webinars this year, our ears are permanently on show...

    add a little sparkle to your virtual calls with a new pair of earrings as that is the piece of jewellery that everyone will be seeing this festive season! 

    Enjoy 20% off all of our Diamond and Gem Set Earrings in store and online this December with our Festive Earring Offer.




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  8. November 20, 2020

    Elliot Brown's new Holton Automatic

    This New Holton Automatic is really something special.

    A stunning brushed bronze PVD 316L stainless case mounted on the most technical slice of super soft, durable webbing with its low profile patented buckle.

    The bronze finish has a gorgeously worn-in look right from the off, the polar opposite of so many 'shiny' timepieces.

    Subtle military cues of Holton Professional toned back with warm vintage hues, yet a technical tour de force capable of more than any human.

    These Holton Watches have been depth and pressure tested and have survived beyond 1,900m.

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  9. October 03, 2020

    August Birthstone - Peridot

    Peridot, sometimes called chrysolite, is the transparent gem variety of the mineral olivine. The name is derived the French word ‘peritot’ meaning gold as the mineral can vary towards this colour; although the finest stones are prized for their ‘oily’ green tone which is caused by the presence of iron.


    Peridot is the national gem of Egypt who knew it as the ‘Gem of the Sun’. Legend says it was Cleopatra's favourite gemstone, and historians now believe that many of the “emeralds” she wore were actually peridot as it was mined for over 3,500 years on St John’s Island in the red sea.


    The principle source now is the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation in Arizona and today the gemstones are still appreciated for their beauty and associated embodiment of protection, positive power, healing and good health.


    As the birthstone for August and it is also by association the birthstone for star sign Leo. Their c

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  10. October 02, 2020

    July Ruby

    July Birthstone - Ruby

    Ruby is the birthstone for July. Both rubies and sapphires are gems of the mineral corundum; all colours of the rainbow occur in this family of gemstones and are called sapphires apart from when the presence of chromium causes the beautiful vivid red colour for ruby.


    The name Ruby comes from the Latin ‘ruber’ meaning red, but due to its rarity its very name inherently means ‘precious’. Indeed it is one of the most expensive gemstones as it rarer to find in exceptional quality.


    The very finest rubies in the world are Burmese, these have a deep blood-red hue with a tinge of blue. These rubies are very rare though, so Thailand, India, Sri Lanka and parts of Africa are also important sources. It is very much a personal preference as rubies colour that may shade towards pink and purple, but all good quality of rubies should have vibrant pure colour.


    Rubies are a very hard gemstone measuri

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