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Ainsworth's History Appeal

History is one of the unique qualities of Ainsworth Jewellers.

Having been established in 1870 by Joseph Ainsworth, the family continue to run the business which returned to its roots on Darwen Street in 1965.

In light of a year of celebration and refurbishment at the family-run jewellers, we launched an appeal on BBC Radio Lancashire asking for memorabilia, pictures or even items of jewellery from Ainsworth Jewellers in the past which we would be able tophotograph and add to our history timeline.

We were delighted to welcome a customer who had brought a receipt for an 18ct three-stone diamond ring, bought on Saturday July 14, 1934 when there were two branches of Ainsworth Jewellers - 74 King William Street, and 15 Northgate. This is four years, almost to the date, before current director Ken Ainsworth was born.

The receipt, brought to us in mint condition, written in pencil stated that the ring, which has since been passed down through the family to its current owner, was bought for £3.00.

While the inflation calculator predicts £3 in 1934 is the equivalent to about £200 today, the ring was recently valued at approximately £800.

It is items like this which make us extremely proud of our heritage and services we offer; that 84 years later, members of the same family are still visiting the jewellers their ancestors used, and that jewellers is still run by members of the same, founding family.

In 1934...

George V was the monarch
Ramsay McDonald was the Prime Minister
The average house cost £436
The average car cost £300
The average wage was £127


Do you have any Ainsworth Memorabilia you would allow us to photograph and use for our ongoing history research of our shop?

Please get in touch with Phil Ainsworth by calling - 01254 59367 or pop into the shop at any time.