What is Pre-Loved Jewellery?

The jewellery once owned by someone else is known as pre-loved jewellery. It is our range of second-hand, pre-loved jewellery, and all are unique pieces that have been selected by ourselves to be given the opportunity of a new lease of life and to create the next chapter in their story.

Pre-loved jewellery is much more than just second[1]hand jewellery. It transcends trends and provides an even more sentimental value to the jewellery item. It is passing down stories and tokens of love and finding a home for a jewellery item where it will shine effortlessly. 

Our collection of Pre-Loved jewellery offers various items with coloured gemstones and diamonds. The collection includes gold lockets, gold chains and gold bracelets. All these items are selected after a lot of thought and evaluation. These items are cleaned and repaired (when needed). Our team consists of esteemed gemologists who carry out valuation and identification.

Why Choose Pre-Loved Jewellery?

At Ainsworth, we love telling stories through jewellery. Even if those pieces are not created by us (like in the case of pre-loved jewellery), we still think each piece has a story to tell. Pre-loved jewellery gives an opportunity for a new lease of life.

We love how jewellery pieces are passed down, and the sentimental value can transcend the monetary value. Pre-loved jewellery is unique because when you hold the work in your hands, you understand how at some point, it meant something to someone and was a token of love. So it is not just a piece of jewellery you end up holding, but a sentimental token. Just like stories get passed down, these little items have charms of their own when they get passed down.

Pre-loved jewellery is sustainable. It is environmentally friendly as new pieces aren't produced but instead old pieces are recycled and has less impact on the environment. It is recycling jewellery and keeping its charm effervescent.

Pre-loved jewellery can also be more affordable without compromising on quality. There can be a significant price difference. This ensures people can access affordable jewellery without compromising on quality and style. In addition, we provide that all our pieces are professionally cleaned and even carry out repairs if necessary.

We love how pre-loved jewellery revives styles. While we love all kinds of jewellery items, we can get a little partial towards the brooches. During the rise of the #bringbackthebrooch there was an increased interest in customers seeking out pre-loved brooches. We have had brooches not only for women but also men.

Our Pre-loved jewellery range offers a variety of styles. Under pre-loved jewellery, you will find pieces that are both modern and vintage. Different works from different time periods tell the story of the style and manufacturing techniques used. This helps in celebrating craftsmanship. The craftsmanship methods are a window in time. Whether you are a collector or just someone with the appreciation of beautiful things, there is something for everyone in our range of pre-loved jewellery.

Our Pre-loved Story

To submit a piece to us for our pre-loved jewellery collection, you can contact us using our email, phone number or fill out contact form on our website. An appointment is then set up, and you can bring in your piece for valuation. Once the item is inspected and valued, we will get back in touch with you and carry the process ahead, depending upon the inspection result.

We are incredibly meticulous with our inspection. We have a team of in house gemologists who use their tools and equipment to value a piece of jewellery. We inspect the hallmark, gemstone identification (coloured stones and diamonds), and other details relevant to the gemstone in use and condition of the jewellery item. Providing these details is important not only for valuation but also to understand how to clean the item and keep its shine glowing. We believe in utmost transparency and providing a seamless experience.

All our pre-loved pieces are professionally cleaned before they are offered for sale. If required, we also carry out repairs on jewellery items.

Caring for Pre-Loved?

Caring for pre-loved jewellery is similar to caring for any other piece of jewellery you might own. We recommend not wearing your pre-loved jewellery while working out or physically intense activities. Pre-loved jewellery should not be worn while swimming (in seas, rivers, or swimming pools) or while taking a bath. We also recommend it getting professionally cleaned once a year. If you want to clean it at home, make use only of a mixture of warm water, mild soap and a soft brush. Make sure that you don't spray perfume on jewellery.

In case your jewellery item has emeralds, opals or turquoise in it, it is best to get it cleaned at a store professionally. They are brittle and delicate in nature and are often treated with oils or other substances for colour enhancement. Not only these gemstones but also gemstones such as rubies or sapphires might have undergone treatments for enhancement. We always recommend suitable cleaning methods for each item. As pieces from pre-loved jewellery can belong to an older time period, it is best to take utmost care.

 If you are not wearing your jewellery, you can always store them in cool and dry areas in pouches suitable for jewellery. Avoid storing them where they are placed directly under sunlight. It is advisable to buy a jewellery box with multiple dividers. This ensures that items don't scratch each other. Always keep different items of metal separate. Ideally, you can wrap items of jewellery in soft tissues and keep them in pouches.

There are a lot of DIY guides on the internet. We strongly recommend you to not follow it as not all of them work all the time. Sometimes they might end up damaging the piece instead of cleaning it.

 If you have any questions, you can always contact us, and we will help you out.