Peridot, sometimes called chrysolite, is the transparent gem variety of the mineral olivine. The name is derived the French word ‘peritot’ meaning gold as the mineral can vary towards this colour; although the finest stones are prized for their ‘oily’ green tone which is caused by the presence of iron.

Peridot is the national gem of Egypt who knew it as the ‘Gem of the Sun’. Legend says it was Cleopatra's favourite gemstone, and historians now believe that many of the “emeralds” she wore were actually peridot as it was mined for over 3,500 years on St John’s Island in the red sea.

The principle source now is the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation in Arizona and today the gemstones are still appreciated for their beauty and associated embodiment of protection, positive power, healing and good health.

As the birthstone for August and it is also by association the birthstone for star sign Leo. Their characteristics are said to be dramatic, outgoing, fiery and self-assured and we wonder, can you recognise any of these traits in our very own August baby and director Phil Ainsworth?

In celebration of his and any of our loved ones birthdays, families and relationships can be represented by the significant use of birthstones. Any unique combination together can therefore tell a very personal story of the union of loved ones. Fortuitously Phil’s fiancée Helen (born in April) is represented by diamond and suite of peridot and diamond pendant, necklace and ring would make an ideal and very meaningful story of their romance.