Ainsworth Jewellers are delighted to announce they have now joined with the National Association of Jewellers to promote UK products. 

In a recent survey carried out by the “Make it British” campaign around 93% of those surveyed said they would be willing to search out a product made in Britain compared to buying a similar product made outside the UK.

This is more than double that of the survey findings five years ago when 43% said they would be willing to look for for a British-made product. The research also revealed that knowing that a retailer is selling goods made in the UK is still one of the main things that can give shoppers confidence.

However, customers noted that a big challenge is where to find products that are made in Britain.

In order to identity products made in the UK the NAJ have developed “Created in the UK” for jewellery, silverware and related products created in the UK to be marked and promoted as such.

The optional additional mark that can be applied to qualifying products (centre).

The scheme is open to Suppliers and retailers  who have signed up to the Scheme differentiating products and giving customers confidence in their provenance.