About the Collection

"I will show Your Illustrious Lordship what a woman can do”

The Artemisia Collection is a collection of jewellery inspired by the work of the celebrated painter Artemisia Gentileschi. This collection is a collaboration between PureJewels and the National Gallery. It reflects the drama, energy and realism in baroque art.

Artemisia often painted historical and biblical subjects. She went on to become one of the most celebrated painters of her time. She defied conventions and what was expected of her as a woman. She was the first female member of Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze. She had an ability to paint images that were not only realistic but also contained multitudes of emotions. The subjects in her paintings were very much like her; taking charge of their own stories instead of accepting the life given to them. She gave them a voice and did away with the male gaze that was prevalent at that time.

The jewellery collection is inspired by her courage and the extraordinary depth of her paintings. The pieces are crafted in gold vermeil and dark rhodium-plated sterling silver. They are further embellished with deep red garnets and lustrous freshwater pearls. Whether it is the pearl hoops or the asymmetric lariat, the pieces are sure to turn heads.


How to Take Care of Jewellery

To enjoy your jewellery for longer, avoid contact with moisture, heat, perfumes, creams, hairspray and soap. Wipe clean with a soft non-abrasive cloth. Store separately in a soft lined box or pouch to avoid scratches and tangles.