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Inspired Bridal Boutique opens at Ainsworth Jewellers

A new bridal boutique has opened its doors in the heart of Blackburn town centre.  ‘Inspired’ by Helen Dimmick is a new addition to the first floor of Ainsworth Jewellers on Darwen Street which will certainly make brides-to-be say I do! Inspired is a unique collection of new and pre-owned gowns curated by Helen and [...]

Wendys Legacy With East Lancashire Hospice

By East Lancashire Hospice: Phil Ainsworth and his wife Helen Dimmick of Ainsworth Jewellers, Blackburn have chosen to support East Lancashire Hospice through a new incentive that will allow jewellery left behind by loved ones to be treasured forever. The local jewellers, who have a wealth of experience within the industry, will help people remodel [...]

Elliot Brown Limited Edition Holton

As a rule Elliot Brown dont focus-group or conduct marketing studies, so this is a first: the first watch they designed with any external input. What makes this watch special is its audience: it was designed for (and in collaboration with) a specialist branch of the British military because their operators preferred wearing the EB watches they’d [...]

Chelsea Rocks

New to Ainsworth’s is the sparkling inclusion of laboratory grown diamonds. We are thrilled to stock premium laboratory grown diamonds from CHELSEA ROCKS – fine jewellery made exclusively from laboratory grown diamonds. Laboratory grown diamonds are 100% diamond and are neither simulants or diamond imitations such as Cubic Zirconia. They possess all the fire, sparkle [...]

Perfect Peridot

August Birthstone - Peridot August. It's bright, it's beautiful, and that goes for its birthstone as well as the supposed summer weather! The Peridot gemstone can range in colour from brown-green to yellowish green to a pure, bright green. Yellowish green is the most common peridot colour seen in jewellery. You could say Peridot is [...]

Crown Jewels – Part One

To commemorate the landmark BBC1 programme on the Crown Jewels, this week we are concentrating on 2 of the crowns that form part of the collection. ST EDWARD'S CROWN This crown is composed of a solid gold frame, set with tourmalines, white and yellow topazes, rubies, amethysts, sapphires, garnet, peridot, zircons, spinel, and aquamarines, step-cut [...]

Amazing Aquamarine

March Birthstone - Aquamarine March - a beautiful month for so many reasons. It's when we wave goodbye to cold, dark, wintery nights (and days) and greet lighter nights and longer days with open arms. In crystal terms, March is the month for aquamarine - whose name derives from two Latin words: aqua, meaning water and [...]

Pretty Pearls

June Birthstone - Pearl We have had diamonds and emeralds...but pearl take's the limelight as June's birthstone! Arguably the best loved gem of all time, the pearl occurs in a wide variety of colours. While the most familiar colours are white and cream; black, grey and silver are also quite common. Pearls are available in [...]

Elegant Emeralds

May Birthstone - Emerald May - Spring is in full bloom, the trees are growing more leafy, and the world generally looks that little bit more green! So to have Emerald as the birthstone for May is a perfect choice. But what is an Emerald? And what shade of green is Emerald green? Gem experts [...]

Diamonds Are Forever (Not just for April)

April Birthstone - Diamond We all know about the diamond engagement ring, and the Four C's of the diamond. But how much do you know about the Eternity Ring, and it's evolution through time? An eternity ring, also known as an infinity ring, is a woman's ring, worn on the hand, comprising a band of [...]

October’s Opal

October Birthstone - Opal October is here and it's starting to get dark and drizzly; but those born in this month will know all about the magical birthstone which brightens up the month. Opal is the product of seasonal rains that drenched dry ground in regions such as Australia’s semi-desert “outback.” The showers soaked deep [...]

Stunning Sapphire

September Birthstone - Sapphire Birthstone for September and gem for 45th anniversaries, the Sapphire belongs to the mineral species corundum. It can be pure blue, but ranges from greenish blue to violetish blue. The name ‘sapphire’ can also apply to any corundum that is not red an doesn’t qualify as ruby. As well as the [...]

August Birthstone – Peridot

Peridot, sometimes called chrysolite, is the transparent gem variety of the mineral olivine. The name is derived the French word ‘peritot’ meaning gold as the mineral can vary towards this colour; although the finest stones are prized for their ‘oily’ green tone which is caused by the presence of iron. Peridot is the national gem [...]

Truly Topaz

November Birthstone -Topaz Individuals born in November can choose between two sunny gemstones to brighten up this chilly month. November’s birthstones, topaz and citrine, are both known for their calming energies, bringing warmth and fortune to those who wear them. Topaz and citrine look so similar, in fact, that they’ve often been mistaken for one [...]

Welcome Claudia Bradbury Pearls

Claudia Bradby is a British brand that designs contemporary PEARL jewellery for everyday wear. Every design is modern, elegant and fun. They believe that every woman should be afforded the luxury of beautiful pearls, everyday. Using freshwater cultured pearls, hand chosen for their lustre, shape and size, they love their very essence and adaptability bringing [...]

Helen’s Favourite Gemstone – Sapphire

Sapphire, the birthstone for September, is the gemstone variety of corundum, consisting of aluminium oxide and measuring 9.0 on MOH's hardness scale sapphires can be worn every day. Although the most well-known colour is blue, they come in every colour of the rainbow (apart from red which is a ruby - see July's blog). In [...]

Real History – Real Stories

As part of our ongoing campaign to find more historical pieces of Ainsworth Jewellers, customers have been bringing in their jewellery boxes and allowing us to use their stories. This one particular ring was brought in by a customer who said it once belonged to her Great Aunt and they believe it was bought in [...]

Welcome to Garmin Watches

Hybrid Smartwatch You get the best of both worlds when physical, ticking watch hands meet a touchscreen and a discreet display. The smart display only appears when you quickly turn your wrist to glance at your watch. The watch hands even dynamically move out of the way when you interact with the touchscreen, then move [...]

The Museum Grows

Following our appeal for Ainsworth Jewellery history earlier this year, we have been innundated with customer stories, photos, boxes and receipts which all help in us pieceing together a defined history of our family run business. Since starting our appeal, we have already found evidence of errors in our history timeline, and receipts from shops [...]

Spring Clean Your Jewellery

IT'S Spring time - it's time to dig out your old gems and have a Spring Clean to replenish the sparkle in your jewellery. Every Wednesday at Ainsworth Jewellers, we offer you the chance to bring in up to five items of your jewellery to be professionally cleaned (which during the rest of the week [...]

AAS in the i Newspaper

Here is a link to the article that appeared in the i newspaper featuring ourselves, and other business's based on Darwen Street ,on 17th March 2018, linked to the ongoing debate around the British High Street https://inews.co.uk/news/long-reads/british-high-street-optimistic-blackburn/

Personalising and preserving memories

You've seen the pictures; you've oohed and ahhed over the sparkling diamonds. But do you know the story behind the three stone ring Prince Harry designed for his fiancé, Meghan Markle? Earlier this year, predictions suggested that the prince might propose with the Queen Mother's engagement ring, or her massive diamond-and-pearl ring, but Harry opted [...]

Valuations – Safeguarding your jewels

Owning precious jewellery is wonderful and each piece will retain sentimental value to the wearer. But something you may not be aware of, especially with heirlooms, is the actual monetary value of the items, and what would happen should the item break or be stolen. Here at Ainsworth Jewellers we offer a fantastic valuation service [...]

Festive Earring offer

Since we have all spent most of our time on Zoom, Facetime and in virtual meetings or webinars this year, our ears are permanently on show...add a little sparkle to your virtual calls with a new pair of earrings as that is the piece of jewellery that everyone will be seeing this festive season! Enjoy 20% off all of [...]

Elliot Brown’s new Holton Automatic

This New Holton Automatic is really something special. A stunning brushed bronze PVD 316L stainless case (featured below ) mounted on the most technical slice of super soft, durable webbing with its low profile patented buckle. The bronze finish has a gorgeously worn-in look right from the off, the polar opposite of so many 'shiny' timepieces. Subtle [...]

Created in the UK

Ainsworth Jewellers are delighted to announce they have now joined with the National Association of Jewellers to promote UK products.  In a recent survey carried out by the “Make it British” campaign around 93% of those surveyed said they would be willing to search out a product made in Britain compared to buying a similar [...]

December 2020 Re-opening Statement

We are delighted to announce that in line with Government Guidlines we can now re-open our doors to customers. To make it easier to shop for Christmas we have extended our opening hours from 9.30 - 4.30 and we will also be open Thursday's in December. During lockdown we invested in and re-modelled our Website [...]

Awesome Amethyst

February Birthstone - Amethyst February Amethyst is the purple variety of the quartz mineral species. It’s the gem that’s most commonly associated with the colour purple, even though there are other purple gems such as sapphire and tanzanite. Colour Its purple colour can be cool and bluish, or a reddish purple that’s sometimes referred to [...]

Ainsworth’s History Appeal

History is one of the unique qualities of Ainsworth Jewellers. Having been established in 1870 by Joseph Ainsworth, the family continue to run the business which returned to its roots on Darwen Street in 1965. In light of a year of celebration and refurbishment at the family-run jewellers, we launched an appeal on BBC Radio [...]

The Artemisia Collection

About the Collection "I will show Your Illustrious Lordship what a woman can do” The Artemisia Collection is a collection of jewellery inspired by the work of the celebrated painter Artemisia Gentileschi. This collection is a collaboration between PureJewels and the National Gallery. It reflects the drama, energy and realism in baroque art. Artemisia often [...]

Ainsworth Pre-Loved Jewellery

What is Pre-Loved Jewellery? The jewellery once owned by someone else is known as pre-loved jewellery. It is our range of second-hand, pre-loved jewellery, and all are unique pieces that have been selected by ourselves to be given the opportunity of a new lease of life and to create the next chapter in their story. [...]

Tanzanite & Turquoise – Two birthstones for One special month

December Birthstone -Tanzanite & Turquoise Tanzanite Tanzanite is the exquisite blue variety of the mineral zoisite that is only found in one part of the world. Named for its limited geographic origin in Tanzania, tanzanite has quickly risen to popularity since its relatively recent discovery. Zoisite had been around more than a century and a [...]

Metal Guide

It is very rightly said that every piece of jewellery tells us a story. We believe this statement to be very true. Just like characters out of a novel, materials used in creating jewellery have their own role to play to help tell the story of jewellery. To give you a better understanding of different [...]

Welcome Bailey of Sheffield

We here at Ainsworth Jewellers are delighted to welcome Bailey Of Sheffield to our range of Brands in-store. Bailey of Sheffield creates stainless steel jewellery engineered to last more than a lifetime. For them, that doesn’t just mean durable high calibre materials or timeless design; it’s about understated pieces that adapt with you and your changing [...]

Gorgeous Garnets

January Birthstone - Garnets January Garnets are a set of closely related minerals which form a group, resulting in gemstones in almost every colour. Red garnets have a long history, but modern gem buyers can pick from a rich palette of garnet colours: greens, oranges, pinkish oranges, deeply saturated purplish reds, and even some blues. [...]

It Runs In The Family

Century old jewellery firm adds a touch of ‘bling’ to family business podcast A 150 year old jewellery business, which has been run by the same family for five generations, is the latest firm to be welcomed on to the chart-topping family business podcast It Runs In The Family  to share its behind the scenes story. [...]

Treasuring the memories through Wendy’s Legacy

Anne's Story, by the East Lancashire Hospice When Anne’s mum passed away 6 years ago, Anne always knew she wanted to do something special with her wedding ring, she just didn’t know what.  That was until she saw an article in the Lancashire Telegraph promoting an initiative called ‘Wendy’s Legacy’ run by Blackburn based business, [...]

Engraving Can Add That Personal Touch

It is estimated that over 70% of all jewellery sold within the UK is gifted on, or for a special occasion and  that piece or moment in time can be made all the more memorable by adding a message, initials or dates to the piece. Over the last few years there has been a big [...]

Radiant Ruby

July Birthstone - Ruby It's the birthstone for July, and the anniversary stone for 40 years - this month, we are all about the Ruby! Red is the colour of most intense emotions - love and anger, passion and fury. Early cultures treasured rubies for their similarity to the redness of the blood which flowed [...]

Lab Grown Diamonds FAQs

Written records show that Pliny, the very famous Roman naturalist described diamonds as “the most valuable, not only of precious stones but of all the things in this world.” This was back in the first century A.D. The allure of diamonds goes back centuries and very rightly so. History is a testament to diamond lovers, […]