To make the Gift personal why not look to have the item(s) engraved with that special message, or date.

This can include adding the date and your initials to the inside of Wedding Rings or putting a special message on pendants or other items of jewellery designed to be personalised.

Christening Gifts in Pewter or Silver can normally have a message and date added.

If you've won a Trophy why not make sure that your details are recorded or added to the list of past winners.

We can arrange to have items hand engraved but this service may take up to 3 weeks.

We can also now arrange to have glass engraved (see picture below).

Personalisation services

Here at Ainsworth Jewellers we offer a full personalisation service for new and existing items of jewellery.

Add an appropriate date or message to wedding rings or other items, to add that little bit extra to a unique piece and remember the special occasion.