Introduction to Purejewels

PureJewels the company is devoted to the extraordinary pleasure of jewels and jewellery : "yesterday, today and tomorrow". This contemporary brand has its roots firmly in another time – and another world.

The story of PureJewels, by Bhanji Gokaldas, began in Nairobi, Kenya in 1950, with an Indian jewellery designer and craftsman, Bhanji Gokaldas, who like his father and forefathers before him, made his name creating exquisite, bespoke fine artisan jewellery pieces for his clients. Twenty-five years later in 1975, he was tempted by the bright lights of London and together with his three sons Ramnik, Dinesh and Harish, brought their own distinctive sparkle and design to a new country.

Today, managed by the third generation, PureJewels is a fast growing, premier fine jewellery company specialising in design led diamonds, precious gems, pearls, platinum and gold fine jewellery. The product design ethos reflects its rich cultural heritage and brand journey, which traces its historic roots to India and east Africa. The design team at PureJewels take their inspiration from the east and interpret in a contemporary and modern way, giving way to beautifully considered and exotic collections.


Ainsworth Jewellers are delighted to have been chosen by Purejewels as the first company to showcase this beautiful range of 22ct jewellery in their store. 

Craftsmanship at PureJewels 

PureJewels PureJewels believes in the design philosophy of celebrating luxury and warmth. The beautiful 22ct jewellery is a celebration of jewellery that is forever. Jewellery should be celebrated just as life is celebrated. It should not be reserved only for special occasions. Our collection of 22Ct jewellery is an ode to beautiful craftsmanship and luxury. While we admire the sentiment of jewellery as a token reserved for special occasions, we also believe that it should be celebrated every day.

What is 22Ct Jewellery? 

PureJewels 22ct jewellery refers to the purity of the jewellery. The purity or fineness of gold is measured in Carat. Gold is a malleable and ductile metal. These properties allow gold to be given shape and drawn into wires. Often an additional metal is added to a base metal to strengthen the metal. Based on the percentage of added metal, the purity of the metal is determined. The fineness or purity of gold is calculated out of 24 parts. 24 parts of gold refer to gold being in its purest form. In the case of 22ct jewellery, it means that the jewellery is made out of 22 parts of pure gold and 2 parts of alloy. Let us think of it in terms of percentage; here 100 percent is equal to 24 Carat gold. Alloys are added to increase the tensile strength and hardness of gold. The content of alloys can also be used to create different tones of gold such as white gold and rose gold. Jewellery is never made into 24Ct gold as it is not suitable. The shape can be easily deformed. It also would not have the strength to hold in precious gemstones. Adding an alloy helps to eliminate all these problems.

What is the difference between 24ct Gold and 22ct Gold?

PureJewels 24ct gold is gold that does not contain alloy. It is the purest form of gold. 22ct gold contains 2 parts of alloy and 22 parts of pure gold. 22ct is more suitable to make jewellery as at 24ct the gold is softer and the shape can distort easily. The 2 parts of alloy in 22ct gold are added to give more hardness and tensile strength to gold. It also helps in setting precious gemstones.

22ct Gold Jewellery at PureJewels  

PureJewels At PureJewels we admire the beauty and fineness of 22ct gold jewellery. We admire its golden hue which has an allure of its own. We admire how 22ct jewellery helps appreciate the beauty of gold without compromising on the structure of the jewellery. We deeply admire the weight and heft of 22ct jewellery. Our collection of 22ct jewellery contains gold rings, gold earrings, gold pendants, gold chains, and gold bracelets. These items are suitable for everyday use as well special occasions. You will find different tones of gold used. We also have delightful pieces for diamond lovers. Whether it is a gold chain or a gold bracelet, we stock it all. These pieces also make perfect gifting items. At PureJewels we have been committed to providing the best of craftsmanship available. We make use of not only modern techniques but also traditional techniques. We believe it’s the harmony of modern and traditional techniques that help deliver fine pieces of jewellery.

Styling 22ct Gold Jewellery

PureJewels We believe that jewellery is an extension of oneself. Our pieces are versatile and timeless. When it comes to jewellery, we don't believe in having rules of what you can wear with what. The choice is all yours! You can layer them up or wear them individually. Whether you have a minimal style or like to be a maximalist, these pieces are sure to compliment you.

How To Take Care of 22ct Jewellery

PureJewels To ensure that your jewellery stays in its best shape, we recommend a couple of suggestions. It is recommended to not wear jewellery while working out or taking part in activities like swimming. Do not directly spray perfume on it. Store it in a dry pouch by wrapping it in soft tissue when not in use. You can clean the 22ct jewellery using warm water with mild soap and a soft brush. It is also recommended to get it professionally cleaned once a year.