Rare diamonds and insight from world-renowned jewellery expert to bring sparkle to exclusive Blackburn event

A stunning 20ct diamond rivière necklace and a 12ct ‘triple excellent’ diamond bracelet worth more than £150,000 combined will be introduced by one of the world’s leading gemmologists at an exclusive exhibition in Blackburn celebrating National Diamond Month.

The event will take place throughout April at the home of Ainsworth Jewellers on Darwen Street, Blackburn, and will also feature a trove of information about diamonds - from the science of how they’re formed to a behind-the-scenes look at how professionals grade them and assess their value.

Ainsworth Jewellers’ Helen Dimmick, one of the most well-respected figures in the jewellery field and as recently seen as the resident expert on TV’s ‘Bling; show, will share her insight and give personal tours of the exhibition to attendees. Helen will draw on her experiences gained across more than two decades working with diamonds, including roles with Green+Benz and Tiffany & Co, and winning a series of awards such as the internationally-recognised Anderson Medal.

Alongside the history of diamond origin, sourcing and pipeline – the journey every diamond takes, the event will also feature a replica of the Cullinan Diamond which, at over 3,000ct, is the largest diamond ever discovered, and nine diamonds from the crown jewels.

As well as information on diamond colour and shape, there will be explanations of how diamonds are brought to life, with an actual cutting wheel and diamond dop on show. There will also be the opportunity to browse and purchase the latest collection of diamond jewellery on sale with Ainsworth Jewellers to mark the traditional birthstone of April.

Philip Ainsworth, joint owner of Ainsworth Jewellers said: “We are excited to be celebrating National Diamond Month with a one-of-a-kind showcase - bringing together some of the most beautiful examples of diamond jewellery with the insight of one of the industry’s most highly-qualified experts.

“There will be something on show for anybody with an interest in diamonds, whether that’s an interest in their billion-year history or how the process by which they become show-stopping pieces of jewellery brings each gem to life.

“Perhaps most of all, as a Blackburn-based, family-owned company with a 150-year history, we’re proud to be hosting this fantastic celebration right here in our hometown. We look forward to meeting with diamond enthusiasts from across the borough and beyond.”

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