More About Amber

Amber is an organic gem, created from the sap of ancient trees which hardened and fossilised. Living in the stone age these 'gems' were discovered along the shores of the Baltic and so perhaps became the earliest and most consistently popular gemstone used in ornamental jewellery of the time.


Amber that contains evidence of trapped animals of plant life is the most prized. This is caused by the items being trapped as the sap hardens and crystallises, often creating a fascinating time capsule.


Amber can be found in the ground or it is often dislodged and carried by rivers and tides, often being found on the beaches around the Baltic and is termed "gold of the north". Other sources are the Dominican Republic and Mexico. The majority of the Amber we sell is from the Baltic region.


Ambers warm lustre mean it often features in beads and pendants, it is also a soft material (2 on Moh's scale) so easily carved to create cups, bowls and boxes.


Amber colours range from white, yellows and oranges to reds and browns. Amber may darken with age and wear.


Amber should be cleaned with warm, soapy water but avoid using hard brushes which may scratch the item.