Laboratory Grown Diamonds

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Laboratory grown diamonds are 100% diamond and are neither simulants or diamond imitations such as Cubic Zirconia. They possess all the fire, sparkle and brilliance of mined diamonds. In fact, it is impossible to tell them apart – even with a gemmologist’s loupe. That is because lab growns are physically, visually and chemically identical to mined diamonds. While mined diamonds are a miracle of nature, created through the earth’s geological processes, laboratory diamonds are testament to manmade brilliance and innovation. The only difference between the two – is the origin of their creation.

What’s more, laboratory grown diamonds are lighter on the environment and on your pocket too. Since lab grown diamonds are typically 20-30% less expensive than their mined counterparts, it allows you to purchase a bigger and often better-quality diamond. Moreover, since lab growns are not dependent on extractive mining, they also enjoy some additional eco benefits. Laboratory grown diamonds are the contemporary alternative to mined diamonds and offer consumers a real choice to find the right diamond which suits both their budget and lifestyle. 

Inspired by the iconic streetstyle of London, CHELSEA ROCKS provides affordable and adorable diamond jewellery – timeless and stylish pieces to be added to your repertoire.

Here at Ainsworths we are  thrilled to stock premium lab grown diamonds from CHELSEA ROCKS and the COCKTAIL COLLECTION is their début earring collection. 

The collection takes inspiration from the world of mixology, with a dazzling range of studs made exclusively from laboratory grown diamonds. Diamond stud earrings – whether the larger MARTINI ICE studs or the smaller ICE CUBES  – all can add instant joy and radiance!

Diamond stud earrings are a versatile and bring elegant simplicity to any outfit. This range of diamond stud earrings are available in different sizes, gold and design.