Phil, Helen and Caroline welcome you to Ainsworth Jewellers. Established in 1870, Ainsworth Jewellers is still a family-run Jewellery Business in the heart of the Cathedral Quarter in Blackburn Town Centre. 

  • Family Run Independent
    • With over 140 years of experience and still in the Ainsworth Family, we pride ourselves in delivering the finest quality in jewellery, at reasonable prices, with professional customer service and advice. Whether its searching for that special gift, needing advice on repairing or remodelling your own jewellery or needing a Valuation for Insurance we would be delighted to welcome you into the store and help…

  • Present Day
    • We are members of the National Association of Goldsmith's, the trade body who oversee the jewellery industry.
    • We are proud to be members of The Company of Master Jewellers, the largest independent buying group of Jewellers in the country.

Our History

Founded by Joseph Ainsworth, the business was located at 64 Darwen Street as ‘J Ainsworth Jewellers & Clockmakers'. Early in the 1880's Joseph also opened a shop at 9a Darwen Street in front of the Cathedral. In 1885 he merged both the shops and opened 12 Northgate. In 1902 he moved from 12 to 15 Northgate and 5 years later was joined by his sons George, Alfred and James.

Ainsworth Jewellers Timeline

1870 Joseph Ainsworth founded J Ainsworth Jewellers & Clockmakers at Number 63 Darwen Street (which is 2 doors away from our current premises). Late 1870's Joseph also purchases the shop at 9A Darwen Street (one of the long demolished properties in front of Blackburn Cathedral). 1885 he amalgamates both shops and moves across town to Number 12 Northgate. 1902 he moves across the road from Number 12 Northgate to Number 15 Northgate.

Joining Sons

1907 Joseph is joined by his sons George, Alfred, and James and they purchase Number 48 Market Place which is run by George & James while Alfred remains at Northgate and evidence suggests set up a Wholesale division Ainsworth Jewellers. 1921 Arnold joins his father George at 48 Market Place and James purchases shop at Number 74 King William Street.

War Time

1938 Arnold Closes 48 Market Place and moves to Number 50 Market Place (which was underneath the Kitchens of Booths Cafe) and then is called up to war so James who has sold by this time sold his King William Street premisis comes to work at 50 Market Place while Arnold is away. 1956 Arnold's 1st Son Michael Joins the Business

Centenary Celebrations

1961 Arnold’s Son Ken joins the business. 1965 Arnold, Michael and Kenneth close 50 Market Place and open 57 — 59 Darwen Street due to the re-development of the town centre. 1970 centenary celebrations including the presentation of the Ainsworth Centenary Salver to Arnold.

Joining the CMJ

1980 Ainsworth Jewellers become members of The Company of Master Jewellers. 1990 Philip joins the business.

New Direction

1995 upon Micheal’s retirement Ken and Philip become the two directors of Ainsworth Jewellers.