Ring Sizing

Getting The Right Size

When sizing a ring a number of factors have to be taken into account

Ring sizing can be tricky to gauge, as fingers can vary up to whole size depending on the temperature and time of day. There will also be variations between the Summer and Winter months.

There is also then the question of being able to get the ring over the knuckle comfortably and then judging the best size so the ring doesn't 'spin' uncomfortably around the finger. Ring Clips are available to be fitted , but these are only a temporary measure. We can also arrange to have 'balls' soldered into the inside of the shank.

Wider Bands fit more snugly than narrow bands, so when measuring the width of the sizing band needs to match the ring being sized.

Printable ring sizing charts are available ( similar to the one attached below) and these will give an indication of what size the ring should be, but we would always recommend using the proper metal indicators before getting your ring sized.

In order to know what size is best for your finger, when re-sizing a ring we would always recommend you come in store where we can measure your finger with the correct tools before carrying out any work.

We have also started fitting '1/2 moon bumps' inside the ring shank which when pushed over the knuckle onto the finger give the ring a tighter fit.