The Date Project, Featured on BBC!

Phil Ainsworth was featured on BBC North West last Friday and BB1 Breakfast on Sunday Morning as well as the BBC Website talking about The Date Project.

The Date Project was established in 2015 with a simple idea and concept, to raise funds for the Al-Huda Bakery in Syria by selling a box of the finest Medjool dates for £10 during Ramadan.

The Mission

The Date Project, is dedicated to combining the joyous spirit of Ramadan with the commitment to making a positive impact on the world. Their mission is to provide a sweet and meaningful way for communities to come together, fostering unity and compassion.

By selling high-quality dates during the blessed month of Ramadan, they aim to raise funds for charity initiatives that empower and uplift those in need.

They believe that each date sold is not just a delectable treat but a symbol of shared blessings, contributing to the betterment of lives.