Jewellery Care

At Ainsworth Jewellers we stand by your precious purchase and support with all aspects of aftercare.

Everyday wear can dull down the appearance of jewellery, especially diamonds as they are known to attract grease and repel water. For example, every time you wash your hands a thin layer of soap suds remains and the water rinses away.

Regular, safe cleaning will greatly improve the lustre of precious metal and sparkle of gemstones and diamond performance.

We offer three choices of services:-

  1. Home Care
    We have a range of Jewellery care products on sale from Connoisseurs and the team are on hand to provide expert advice for regular maintenance at home
  2. In Store
    Expertise An instore clean and polishing service is available, prices start from £10*
  3. Jewellery Workshop
    Professional rhodium plating and polishing is provided by our workshop, quotes are provided for any work undertaken

*Please note we offer a lifetime of free cleaning for our engagement ring and gemstones purchases